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Seven product lines for the widest range of electric motors.


The range of IME electric machines offers solutions tailored for any application.


EC brushless motors: high efficiency to protect the environment.


Since its foundation in 1972, the history of IME has been distinguished by the will to grow and evolve, devoting all activities to satisfy the needs of its Customers.

Our Mission

To design and manufacture exclusively high quality electric machines and to provide our customers exactly what they need, how they need it, and when they need it.


For the quality of our products and our service

We strive every day to totally satisfy our customers, by offering fast responses, product reliability, the best quality, exact on-time delivery and qualified technical support.

Because we create highly personalized products

We don’t manufacture standard motors: we choose to focus in the design and manufacturing of the best suitable products to meet the specific needs of each Customer.

Because our products are 100% Made in Italy

We design and develop our electric machines internally. Our production processes are entirely based in Italy. Only a small portion of sourced components is of non-European origin.


The development of electric motors following the specific needs of our differentiated customers has enabled us to constantly expand the range of our products.

Universal Motors

Universal Motors

Universal motors have been part of IME’s history since its foundation. They were Read More
Electric Vacuum Motors

Electric Vacuum Motors

IME uses universal electric motors to build its vacuum units. The possibility of Read More
Permanent Magnet Motors

Permanent Magnet Motors

Permanent magnet motors are widely used, both in low power applications and in Read More
Wound Commutator Rotors

Wound Commutator Rotors

IME offers its customers all the types of rotors manufactured for its universal Read More
Asynchronous Motors

Asynchronous Motors

Induction motors are AC electric motors, in which the rotation speed of the Read More
EC Brushless Motors

EC Brushless Motors

In the past the synchronous motor was considered a constant speed motor (synchronous Read More
Synchronous Generators

Synchronous Generators

Like most electrical machines, the permanent magnet synchronous machines (see the section dedicated Read More
Coming soon

Coming soon

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Via E. Fermi, 41 I-25025 Manerbio (BS)

+39 030 9373400
+39 030 9382565


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