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The global market for electric engines is growing rapidly and is experiencing favorable economic conditions with far-reaching future prospects.
Between 2015 and 2016, machinery production suffered a remarkable decline, but according to IHS Markit (London company providing information and analysis for businesses and governments), there will be a slow recovery between 2017 and 2021. Growth should reach to 3.9% in 2021 in the United States and 4% in the Americas, while in European territory it is about 2.5% and 2.4% in Germany. According to IHS data, approximately 40 million electric motors will be sold in 2017, with ABB, Siemens and WEG being the main suppliers in the world.
The price of electric motors will remain competitive: manufacturers will be able to develop them more technically and their efficiency will be even better. IHS also estimated that the metal price will increase again in 2017, so engine manufacturers will pay their customers higher costs of supply. This will probably have a long-term impact on prices.
IHS believes that brushless DC motors will overcurn DC brushed motors over the next five years. Currently, brushed ones account for 46.2% of the global electric motor market, while brushless 44.8%. In the next few years, brushlesss are expected to increase by 5.4%. This growth will be seen above all in industrial and vehicle applications.
Placing efficient products on the market is the main objective. The European Union has issued some regulations on energy efficiency, in fact, the growth of production and use of high performance and less power consuming machinery. The need for energy saving is now a fundamental issue in the most industrialized countries, which are slowly moving for a more green future.
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The word brushless means "brushless" and identifies a type of DC motor, with the permanent magnet rotor and the rotating magnetic field stator. Being brushless, these motors do not need electric crawler electric contacts to function. The use of this technology is really amazing and has great advantages ( The brushless current motor has now become the best solution for a lot of electronic equipment. These are energy efficient, efficient and high performance objects. Many equipment designers (from fan pumps, compressors to household appliances) are pointing to brushless engines. Compared to traditional AC induction motors, brushless motors offer a number of remarkable advantages: better energy efficiency for example and a constant torque over a wide range of speeds. This allows you to design more silent objects that offer better performance and less power. With the same power, the brushless motors also have small dimensions: a favorable condition for home appliance applications. Even the price of BLDC engines is now competitive. The benefits of these engines are remarkable, especially in household appliances. In addition to price and high performance, reducing noise and noise are certainly important to everyday use of these items. Even the required maintenance is lower: in traditional engines, it is complicated and expensive to access the engine to control or replace the brushes. Discover the full range of IME products and applications on our website at


Our era is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Never since technology and the future are in our hands, but at the same time, we have acquired the power to destroy our planet in a short time, compromising it irremediably.

Brushless motor PMSM 106,5

IME researches and assures for all its products a quality that is uncompromising and it seeks to continuously update its production to improve itself and to meet the specific needs of each of its customers.


EEMODS 2017, Energy Efficiency In Motor Driven Systems, will be held in Rome in September at Auditorium Antonianum. It’s a well-known international biennial conference where political and energy-efficiency experts coming from industry, research laboratories, Universities and standards definition organizations meet to discuss the old and new energy efficiency policies and technologies that are developing in systems where electric motors, such as pumps, compressors, and other applications, are installed.


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